• Blue Zones Project


    The Blue Zones Project is a community-wide initiative that came to Southwest Florida and has the goal of making the healthy choice the easy choice. It consists of  eight(8) areas of a community, of which Schools is one. The School Board approved four (4) pilot schools for the 2015-16 year: Lake Park Elementary, Sea Gate Elementary, Gulfview Middle and Naples High.
    This section of our Wellness page provides information to anyone interested in learning more about the Blue Zones Project. Included below, you have access to view videos shared with students, staff, and parents on the Blue Zones Project, a link to the Blue Zones Project website, and a link to view the previous presentations made to the School Board. The May 10 School Board Meeting Presentation includes the school pledge.
    Click on the school name to view the School Pledge Action Items that were validated for Blue Zones Project approval:
     Parent Staff Video    CCPS BZ PowerPoint
     Elementary Video    Blue Zone Website
     Secondary Video    Blue Zone Video