How Healthy is your Snack? 

    Will it meet the new Federal Guidelines that we use in schools to keep out students healthy? The calculator works for snacks, sides, entrees and beverages. Click on this calculator from the Alliance for  a Healthier Generation to learn the answer.
    Healthy Meeting Toolkit
    This toolkit was developed by the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA).  NANA is a coalition of over 450 national, state, and local organizations advocating for policies and programs to promote healthy eating and physical activity, with the aim of reducing the illnesses, disabilities, premature deaths, and costs caused by diet- and inactivity-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.  Click here for the toolkit. 
    Promoting a Climate of Wellness


    The School Board is committed to providing a learning environment to support and promote wellness, nutrition, and an active lifestyle. The Board recognizes the positive relationship between nutrition, physical activity, and the capacity of students to develop and learn.


    The Board believes that school and District staff members should encourage health and wellness. This policy provides a comprehensive approach to staff and student wellness that is sensitive to individual and community needs.


    To find out more, click here to read the School Board Wellness Policy 8510.


    Just click on the month, choose a school, choose a menu and hover over any item to see the photo, description, and nutrition information.
    Explore the additional information on the right side of the page to learn about food allergens, healthy snacks, and to sign up to receive the menu each month.