Charter School Applicants



    To Perspective Charter School Applicants:
    Recent Department of Education changes to the Florida Model Charter School Application requirements have prompted changes to the information and forms available to you on this website. The list of documents with changes are listed below:
    • CCPS Application Instructions
    • Charter School Application Timeline
    • Application Submission Checklist
    • Notice of Email Communication
    • CCPS Budget Worksheets
     Please be sure you have the correct forms when completing your application.  

2020 Charter School Application Timeline

Charter School Application Instructions


    Additional forms required by Collier County include: 
    Addendum GG1: Five (5) Year Budget Worksheet
    Addendum GG2: Contingency Budget

    Addendum HH: Email Correspondence Pursuant to 6A-6.0781, State Board Rule, Collier County Public Schools will utilize electronic mail for ALL communication with the charter applicant during the charter application process. If applicable, electronic mail will be utilized for sending the applicant the required denial letter and supporting documentation within the defined statutory timeline. The applicant should correspond via electronic mail with the Director of Charter Schools, Collier County Public Schools




  • New!
     Applicants may have Frequently Asked Questions FAQs about the new model application for 2016.  Please read this helpful compilation of questions and answers.

Charter Applicant Letter of Intent

  • The applicant is requested to send a letter of intent to open a charter school in Collier County. Although not required, submitting a letter of intent will assist the District, as Sponsor, in planning and scheduling the appropriate staff and community members to conduct a fair and honest review of the application.  


Application Submission Requirements

  • The Charter Applicant Submission Checklist will serve as a receipt for the applicant, verifying the correct format, as well as required binders and flash drives, have been successfully submitted to the Collier County Charter School Office.  The checklist will be completed by the Charter School Office at the time of submission and the applicant will receive a signed copy for their records