New Hire Benefits Enrollment 

    Welcome to Collier County Public Schools! All newly hired benefit eligible employees are encouraged to spend some time reviewing the benefits information available online prior to completing new hire benefits enrollment.

    Benefits Effective Date

    Employee Coverage: All benefit eligible employees will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled in the District-Paid Medical (employee only) and Basic Life coverage effective the first contract date. All other voluntary benefits are effective the first of the month following the first contract date. Voluntary worksite benefits (Accident, C

    Dependent Coverage: Dependent coverage for all voluntary benefits is effective on the first of the month following the employee’s first contract date. Voluntary worksite benefits (Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital and Universal Life) effective date is determined at the time of enrollment.

    If enrollment is not completed within 30 days from the first contract date, benefit changes will not be permitted until the next Annual Open Enrollment period, unless the employee experiences a qualifying life event.

    How to Enroll

    All newly hired benefit eligible employees will follow the below steps to complete benefits enrollment. Prior to enrolling, review the list of links on the left-hand side of this webpage to learn about the benefits offered through CCPS. The Employee Benefits Guide and Checklist and Rate Sheet are also great sources of information.

    Steps to Enroll

    1. Call US Enrollment Services at (800) 282-0732, option 0 to schedule an appointment. Your enrollment appointment must be AFTER your first day of employment.

    • Appointments are available every Wednesday from 10AM – 6PM 
    • Appointments are also available August 17-26 from 10AM - 6PM

    2. Before your appointment:

    • Visit www.collierschools.com/benefits to review the benefits offered to you and your dependents
    • Gather social security numbers and dates of birth for dependents and beneficiaries you will be adding

    3. On the day of your appointment, call US Enrollment Services at (877) 220-0044 to complete your enrollment

    4. After enrollment, review your benefit elections by logging into the CCPS Portal https://portal.collierschools.com/

    Dependent Documentation: If adding dependent(s) to the medical coverage, certain documentation must be submitted to the Benefits & Wellness Office within 30 days of the coverage effective date to confirm dependent eligibility. Click HERE for the list of dependent documentation requirements.


    Questions? Contact the Benefits & Wellness Office at 239-377-0340 or one of the following Benefits staff members:

    Elementary Schools, Transportation & Maintenance Employees

    Teresa Cowley – Benefits Specialist

    239-377-0352 or cowlete@collierschools.com


    Secondary Schools & Administrative Center Employees

    Jenna Sims – Benefits Manager

    239-377-0388 or simsj1@collierschools.com

    Florida Retirement System (FRS)
    Approximately 60 days from your start date, employees new to FRS will receive an information packet on choosing a retirement plan. The employee will have eight months from their first contract date to select a retirement plan (Pension or Investment) or they will default to the Investment Plan. New employees are encouraged to contact the Financial Guidance Line at 866-446-9377 for questions and assistance in selecting a retirement plan. 
    Below are additional resources to assist new employees with making a plan election: 
    Required Notices & Other Resources: