SSYRA voting dates for 2016 are Monday, February 29-Friday, April 15.

    The FAME Board of Directors has unanimously voted to open SSYRA, SSYRA Jr., and FTR voting to ALL Florida schools!
    Effective this year, any school librarian can submit votes for their students.  This is such wonderful news!  All reading program resources will also be open for all to access from the FAME website.
    Please register your school for SSYRA and SSYRA Junior using the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/8bTKyqx0kV.  A link to submit your students’ votes will be sent to you in February, prior to the voting window.  Please share this link with the school librarians in your district who are not members of FAME so that they can register their schools as well. 
    Thank you and happy reading!

    SSYRA 2015 2016 Link