Educational Day Treatment


    Educational Day Treatment

    3706 Estey Avenue, Naples FL 34104

    Phone: (239) 377-1050

    Fax: (239) 377-1051


    Mission: Opened in October 2012 to enable secondary and over-aged students with significant emotional/behavioral disabilities to earn credits, recover credits, or make up credits in order to graduate from high school with a regular diploma. Intensive mental health services in conjunction with the student's educational program are provided in collaboration with the David Lawrence Center.


    Location: Behind Lorenzo Walker Technical High School in portables next to the Phoenix building, 3706 Estey Avenue, Naples, FL 34104


    Students: Maximum enrollment of nine secondary aged students, who have been unable to achieve academic success in the less restrictive high school IBI special class due to severe emotional/behavioral and mental health needs; must enter and exit the program through the IEP process.



    • Since the program began in 2012, 19 students with significant emotional/behavioral disabilities have graduated who very likely would have dropped out or been institutionalized had it not been for this educational day treatment program


    • 75% of the students served  in the EDT program within the past 3 years, and whose whereabouts are known, are still in school or have graduated.