Provide A Student Internship

  • What is an Internship?

    Internships have the primary goal of providing students supervision and a chance to learn while contributing to your organization’s needs!

    • Internships can be paid, or unpaid, yet rewarded, and can be found in corporate and private businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations.  

    • The participating students must work for an employer or agency for 120 hours or more, ensuring that students graduate high school with greater understanding and connection to colleges and careers.

    • To assist our program participants, the District will provide student intern participants with basic accident insurance.  This policy, purchased through Nationwide Insurance, will provide coverage of up to $25,000 for a student while participating in the internship program. Please review a summary of the policy that is provided by clicking here.  If you wish to obtain additional insurance coverage, please contact your local agent.


    Pictured above: North Collier Fire hosts a Gulf Coast High School Academy of Health Sciences student for a summer internship.


    How do I get started?
     Provide an Internship Review the Internship Manual
     Provide an Internship Complete the online registration and application:
    Registration includes your contact information, your company information, a proposed job description, etc.
     Provide an Internship Your submission will be reviewed by CCPS Staff, you will receive confirmation that your internship will be posted
     Provide an Internship Student application process begins and interviews will follow

    For additional information contact Courtney Stahlman at