• What is a NAF Internship?
    An internship is a work-based exploratory or preparatory opportunity designed to enhance classroom learning through practical career related work experience.  Internships can be paid or unpaid, and can be found in corporate and private businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations.  All internships should have the primary goal of providing students supervision and a chance to learn while contributing to the organization’s needs. The participating students must work for an employer or agency for 120 hours or more, ensuring that students graduate high school with greater understanding and connection to colleges and careers.
    What are the benefits of an internship?
    In addition to being one of the pillars  of becoming a NAFTrack Certified student, internships play an essential role in College and Career Readiness.  
    Internships specifically help students to: 
    •Assess individual strengths and weaknesses in the workplace
    •Demonstrate appropriate business dress, behavior and etiquette
    •Demonstrate job-specific knowledge and skills
    •Apply academic skills appropriate to the workplace
    •Explain the connections between job requirements and academic skills
    •Describe the value of the internship to younger students, peers, and adults
    •Develop career goals and a plan for achieving these goals
    Internship Resources: