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    Critical Illnesses, such as heart attack, cancer and stroke, occur every day. They can have both physical and financial consequences. To help during recovery, financial assistance may be needed. Critical Illness coverage may be the assistance needed in the event a serious medical condition occurs.
    Benefit Highlights  - This is a brief summary of highlighted benefits and is not deemed to be a contract of insurance. Please refer to the actual contract for complete details on all provisions.
    • Will pay a benefit for each covered diagnosed condition
    • Maximum benefit 3x face amount
    • Issue Age Based - Level Premiums
    • Premiums do not increase due to age
    • Core Conditions – Percent payable upon diagnosis
      • 100%  Heart Attack
      • 100%  Stroke
      • 25%   Coronary Artery Disease
      • 100%  Major Organ Failure
      • 100%  Renal Failure
      • 100%  Cancer
      • 25%   Carcinoma in Situ
      • 100%  Multiple Sclerosis
      • 100%  Benign Brain Tumor
      • 100%  Coma
    • Recurrence
      • 100% benefit, pays the face amount plus 2 additional recurrences
    • Back to work & treatment free 6 months
    • Guaranteed Issue Coverage
      • $20,000 Employee / $10,000 Spouse
    • Guaranteed  Benefit Increases
    • Wellness - $50 for Health Screening Test
    • Medical Advocacy
      • Ask the Expert Physician Referral
      • InterConsultation - Round Table Medical Review
    • Issue Ages: 18 and older (no upper age limit) 
    • Guaranteed renewable for life
    • Fully Portable at any age
    • Guaranteed benefit increases
    • Coverage continues even if master policy cancels 

    Pre-existing condition limitation

    Pre-existing Condition means a condition for which a Covered Person received medical advice or treatment within the 6 months preceding the Certificate Effective Date. A person would be covered for a new occurrence of that condition if the date of diagnosis is at least 12 months after the effective date. Routine follow-up care to determine whether a Covered Person has a reoccurrence of a breast cancer, if the Covered Person has been previously determined to be free of breast cancer, is not a pre-existing condition unless evidence of breast cancer is found during or as a result of the follow-up care. However, any person currently enrolled in the current plan will have the pre-existing condition clause waived to the extent that similar limitations or exclusions were satisfied under the coverage.


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