Information For Parents

  • The key to good health is in the palm of your hand



    Pre-payments allow the students to move quicker throughout the meal lines because there is no cash handling.

    The online prepayment system allows your child to enter his or her personal identification number (PIN) to access his or her account. Your child's PIN number will stay the same while at Collier County Public Schools.

    Parents may also make advanced payments (cash or check) for meals by enclosing payment in an envelope with the child's name, student ID number, and homeroom teacher's name on the outside. If you are writing a check, please make it payable to your child's school. Include the student's full name, student ID number, and grade in the memo portion of the check.

    When account balances are low or in debt, you will receive an automated message by phone. All accounts that are in negative balances must be settled promptly. If you are experiencing a hardship, please call (239) 377-0297 to discuss options.

    Funds are deposited into your child's debit account and available to your child when purchasing lunch in the cafeteria. Meals will only be deducted when the student uses his or her account.

    To begin using the pre-payment method, log in at


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  • Good to know! - School Meal Patterns

    Remember the food groups for healthy eating?  These food groups, also called food components, are the basis for the USDA school meal patterns.  
    The five food components consist of:  Fruit, Vegetables, Protein, Grains and Milk.  
    FRUIT – Fresh, canned in juice or light syrup, frozen or 100% fruit juice (portion controlled).
    VEGETABLE – Red/orange vegetables, dark green vegetables and beans/legumes are featured and offered throughout the week.  Salads, raw vegetables and other hot vegetables round out the vegetable choices daily.
    Students are required to take ½ cup of a fruit or a vegetable on their lunch tray but may take up to one cup of vegetables and one cup of fruit.  WE love to see our students eating their fruits and veggies!
    PROTEIN - Protein is lean and portion controlled. 
    GRAIN – whole grains only.  Brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain tortillas and whole wheat bread are standard fare on our menus.
    MILK - fat free or 1% fat.  A milk serving size is 8 ounces.