• Cambridge Secondary 1

    for Middle School Students Who Are Gifted or High-Achieving

     What is the difference?
    How will a Cambridge Secondary 1 course differ from an advanced course?    

    Please see this Comparison Chart to see how Cambridge Secondary 1 differs from a traditional advanced course.


    Cambridge Secondary 1 Teachers Receive Special Training 

    Cambridge Secondary teachers create an active learning environment in which a student’s thinking will be challenged and classwork will extend what each student could accomplish on her/his own.
    Cambridge Secondary teachers:
    •  have extensive knowledge in their subject area
    •  teach for depth of content, not breadth
    •  connect learning to real-world applications
    •  incorporate a variety of instructional strategies
    •  use assessment to inform instruction
    •  are reflective learners themselves
    •  model problem-solving and creative thinking for their students
    Furthermore, Cambridge Secondary teachers participate in on-going professional learning on content specific, inquiry-based learning strategies which will assist them in meeting the divergent needs of students identified as gifted or high performing.