• Advanced Studies in CCPS High Schools

    for High School Students Who Are Identified as Gifted or High-Performing

    Learn more information about advanced studies in CCPS high schools.


    Why Should My Child Enroll in an Advanced Class in High School?
    • College and university admissions may look favorably on a student’s successful completion of an advanced class taken during high school.
    • Colleges and universities may offer credit or placement for AICE, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes, which could save money.
    • Students are given an opportunity to try college-level work and can learn how to manage their time and hone their study skills.
    • Students are able to follow their passions and interests while delving deeply into subjects and concepts.
    • Taking AICE, AP, and/or Dual Enrollment classes in high school can help your child prepare for the challenges and rigor of college.


    Links for More Information

    For more information regarding differentiated instruction at your school as well as opportunities for accelerated learning opportunities, please contact your school's principal.

    Contact your school for more information.