• Advanced Studies in CCPS High Schools

    for High School Students Who Are Identified as Gifted or High-Performing

    Information for Students  
    Why Should You Sign Up for an Advanced Studies Class in High School?

    AICE, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes can be fun and challenging at the same time.  You will gain entry into classes that are full of new information that can inspire you and stimulate your brain.  With many courses to choose from, Advanced Studies Classes can offer something for everyone. If you are motivated, curious about the subject, and okay with working hard, these may be the just the classes for you.

    Learn, Grow, and Prepare for Your Future 
    • Explore subjects in greater detail
    • Tackle concepts
    • Share your unique perspective
    • Hone your dialog and debate skills
    • Lean how to manage your study skills and time before you get to college
    • Take risks and gain confidence
    • Let  your interests guide you into classes
    • Show colleges your dedication to learning and growing


    Links for More Information

    For more information regarding differentiated instruction at your school as well as opportunities for accelerated learning opportunities, please contact your school's principal.

    Contact your school for more information.