• Differentiated Accountability (DA)

    General Information

    The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) set forth the Differentiated Accountability (DA) State System if School Improvement pursuant to Section 1088.22, Florida Statues, by establishing differentiated intervention and support strategies for traditional public schools, delineating the responsibilities for the school, district, and Department of Education (Department), setting timelines for intervention and support strategies, prescribing reporting requirements to review and monitor progress of schools, and setting forth submission and approval criteria for turnaround implementation plans.  Florida’s DA plan streamlines the federal and state accountability systems and directs increasing school wide interventions and school and district accountability based on school grades. This program allows the FLDOE to operate a new tiered approach to working directly with schools to increase student achievement.  The support and assistance provided to each school is individualized depending on the needs of that school.  Through DA, schools fall into a matrix of categories based on the level of the school’s achievement. Schools are categorized as follows: Not in DA, Prevent, Focus, and Priority.  The lowest performing schools receive the most support, and under DA, these schools are required to implement the most robust interventions that will help lead to successful school improvement.  In order to provide direct support to schools, Florida has created a regional system of support.

    Regional Support System

    The Regional Support System is a state of Florida educational initiative in the Differentiated Accountability Plan designed to provide support to schools and districts that fail to meet state educational performance standards.  Schools and districts are provided assistance in the form of professional development.  Collier County Public Schools are in the Southwest Region and fall under the purview of the Southwest Region Differentiated Accountability Team. 

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