• Work-Based Learning Experiences 

    Work-based learning brings the classroom to the workplace and the workplace to the classroom. This instructional strategy provides students with a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond academics and includes the foundational skills needed to succeed in college and the working world.  NAF’s approach to work-based learning is centered on a continuum of work-based learning experiences beginning with career awareness activities, progressing to career exploration activities, and culminating in career preparation activities, including internships.  

    To learn more about work-based learning opportunities visit the CCPS Work-Based Learning website by clicking here.
    Who is eligible for a NAF Internship?
    All NAF academy students are eligible for an internship once they have met the following criteria: 
    • Is a NAF student, in good academic standing, currently enrolled in a NAF Academy
    • Recommended by an academy teacher
    • Has completed the majority of the required NAF Academy courses with a passing grade of C or higher
    • Has participated in work-based learning opportunities
    To apply for an internship a student must:

    • Attend the CCPS NAFNow Internship Readiness Conference 
    • Complete a resume that has been edited and approved by an academy teacher

    Once all of the above has been completed and approved, students can:

    To learn more about internships, including resources such as manuals and expectations, click here.