• GGHS Cheerleaders cheer at football and basketball games. We are also present at many campus and community events. We work hard, have a lot of fun, and receive many opportunities through-out the state.
    Our goals are to:
    Support our sports teams.
    Be highly competitive in all aspects of Cheerleading.
    Boost school spirit.
    Cheerleading at GGHS is a year-round sport, it requires your commitment from April - February (Spring Football, Summer practices and camps, Football and Basketball seasons.)
    Cheerleaders are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, our current team average is a 3.76 GPA! 
    Sponsor - Mrs. Elledias - - 377-1748
    Cheer Commitment

    Being a part of a cheerleading team is a huge commitment of time, effort and money. If you believe you will fall short on any of those, please think long and hard about trying out. In the end, our goal is for each cheerleader to learn, grow, and make new friends and wonderful memories to last a lifetime.


    Summer practices are 1x per week 9am-12(every Tuesday) beginning June 11th


    Once school starts, practice for varisty is 2x per week (T and TH after school) and game Friday nights August-November. JV has practice after school Tuesdays and Wednesdays with games on Thursday afternoons. Basketball season, games vary.


    Cheerleaders have an opportunity to raise money and cut the costs of participating. Most profitable being to sell ads for the football program and stadium. More info to come once the team is selected. We will also have other opportunities for fundraising available. As a parent, if this is something you can help us with, please let us know!

    Lastly, being a cheerleader at GGHS means you are making a commitment to be a role model inside and outside of the classroom. Your grades, attitude and overall demeanor are expected to be of the highest quality, always. Like it or not, you are watched and looked up to.

    Join us on Twitter- GGHS_cheer and visit our website: and cheergghs on Instagram.



    Coach Elledias and Coach Ricci   



    Beth Elledias Varsity Head Coach Football Season

    Gina Ricci Varsity Head Basketball Season