District All-Stars

  • The District is launching a new venture to bring more exposure and recognition to the hard work and skill displayed by student-athletes.  We will be recognizing “District All-Stars" on a monthly basis during the school year.  This will give student-athletes additional notoriety and a chance to represent Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) teams and schools.

    Coaches select monthly standout athletes, and then each school’s Activities Coordinator selects the school’s monthly representative for District All-Stars. A “standout” player could be a student-athlete who has achieved greatness, overcome adversity to meet goals, and/or reflected a team/school in a positive light. District All-Stars will be announced around the 1st of each month, and individual #CCPSSuccess stories will be shared on CCPS Facebook and Twitter throughout the month.    

    We look forward to highlighting District All-Stars and the wide range of athletics and opportunities offered within Collier County Public Schools.


    April 2021 District All-Stars


    March 2021 District All-Stars


    February 2021 District All-Stars