• Math-Elementary(K-5)

Our Vision:

  • All students CAN and MUST be mathematically proficient.

    Mathematically proficient students:

      1. deeply understand concepts and how they are connected
      2. carry out procedures fluently
      3. represent and solve routine and non-routine problems
      4. explain and justify their thinking orally and in writing
      5. are confident and persistent

    Although mathematical proficiency takes time to develop fully, students in all grades can demonstrate proficiency in some form.

    *Ideas for our vision have been adapted from Adding It Up, a meta-analysis of mathematics research conducted by the National Research Council (2002).

Contact Information:

  • Communication between the school and home is encouraged. Should you have questions about your child’s progress, feel free to email your child’s teacher for specific information. We look forward to working with all concerned stakeholders to provide a world-class education for our community of learners.
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