• Clubs & Organizations

    The staff at Gulf Coast High believes it is important for students to be involved in clubs and activities at the school. Below is a list of clubs and activities available to students. 

    Students may start their own club once they have a school sponsor, have established bylaws and have approval from Mrs Crawford - Brown.  Club Rush is scheduled at lunch during first quarter giving all students an opportunity to learn about our clubs.  Please note that all clubs must be established with a school sponsor and approval from Mrs Crawford - Brown by the date of Club Rush.

    Some of the clubs and activities have websites that you can access to learn more about the organization. These links are provided to you for your convenience. When you click on one of these links, you leave the Collier County High School website. These sites are not under the control of Gulf Coast High School or the Collier County School System. Gulf Coast High School is not responsible for the contents of any of these sites. 

    Contact Catherine Crawford - Brown (AP) for information regarding 2018-9 Clubs  


    Chess Adam Baldwin    
    Junior Statemen of America Club Adam Baldwin    
    Young Authors Society Adam Baldwin 4-101 afterschool TBD
    Senior Class Sponsor Alan Scott Auditorium Thurs. after school
    Aux Unit Support for Band Allison Delaney    
    Freshman Class Sponsor Andrew Grillo    
    Venture Crew 951 Beth Barrus   Thurs. @lunch
    Step Club Cameron Buckles 5-231  
    Animal Rights Club Carolyn Palumbo    
    UNICEF Carolyn Palumbo 5-236 1st Thurs. @ lunch
    Key Club Charlynnda Grisso Gym Wed. lunch
    Rotary Club Charlynnda Grisso 5-250 Thurs. lunch
    Junior Class Asst Sponsor Crystelle Douglas    
    National Art Honor Society Dani Papanikalau 5-145 Every other Wed lunch
    Photography Club Dani Papanikalau 5-145  
    Sophomore Class Sponsor Dani Papanikolaou Auditorium Thurs. after school
    Big Sister's Closet Elliot Singletary P-301 Thurs.
    Student Alliance for Mental Illness -SAMI Elliot Singletary   Wed. @ lunch
    Robotics Club George Apostolakis    
    Fishing Club Heather Thornton 5-277 Thurs. lunch
    Color Guard Hector Font    
    Drill Team Hector Font    
    Drama Club Jennifer Price    
    Dramatics Director Jennifer Price    
    Circle of Friends Club/Friendship Circle Jill Broccoletti/ Mary Beth Merrill 5-250 Wed. lunch
    Mock Trail John MacAndrew    
    French Honor Society Juniace Etienne P-414 every other Tues @ 6:30 am
    Band Director Justin Goff    
    TV Club Kellie Butler    
    Habitat for Humanity Kim Benedict    
    National Honor Society Kristan Welty 5-157 Mon
    Choral Director Lauren Pardee    
    Scholar Bowl Liz Mangiello 5-245 Mon. after school
    Animal Alliance Lydia Valdes   lunch
    International Culture Club Lynn Anthony    
    Visiting Teens Mark Pembrook   Wed. @ lunch
    Book Club Maryann Kelly    
    Senior Class Asst Sponsor Nick Chieco Auditorium Thurs. after school
    Spanish Academic Team Nora Rosa 5-222 Tues after school
    Collier Students For Change Patrick Diemert    
    Red Cross Patrick Diemert    
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Paul Giovine/ Heather Thornton    
    3-D Printing Club Phil Depuy    
    Astronomy Club Phil Depuy    
    GCHS Engineering Club Phil Depuy    
    Girl's Entering Engineering Club Phil Depuy    
    Gulf Coast Car Club Phil DePuy    
    Solar Go-Kart Club Phil Depuy    
    Chase The Cure Priscila Zabala    
    FFEA-Florida Future Educators of America Priscila Zabala    
    Junior Class Sponsor Priscila Zabala    
    Computer Club Rick Martin    
    Girls Who Code Rick Martin    
    Mu Alpha Theta Ricky Martin/ Thom Croce   invitation only
    Fashion Club Scott Thiewes    
    Yearbook Sponsor Scott Thiewes    
    DECA Club Shawn Kelly 5-123 Thurs. lunch
    Days For Girls Club Sheryl Martino    
    Asst Band Director Steve McGuire    
    Reading Buddies Sundai Weston   1st Mon after school
    Student Council Sponsor Sundai Weston    
    Student Council Sponsor Sundai Weston    
    Academic World Quest Susan Soulard Media Center  
    Model UN Susan Soulard Media Center Mon. after school 2:15- 3:30
    Speech and Debate Susan Soulard 4-111 Mon. ?
    HOSA-Future Health Professionals Tammy Chabot 5-225 1st & 3rd Fri. @lunch
    Type 1 Diabetes Club Tammy Chabot    
    Gay/Straight Alliance Thom Croce 5-235 Fri. lunch
    Young Democrats Thom Croce 5-235 Tues. lunch
    JLAB Academics Tim Ford    
    JLAB Leadership Tim Ford    
    JROTC Supply Office Tim Ford    
    Raider Team JROTC Tim Ford 6-175  
    Rifle Club Tim Ford    
    Green Club Valerie Valdes/Tammy Chabot 4-112 Fri. lunch
    Marine Club Valerie Valdes/Tammy Chabot 4-112 Fri. lunch