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    The Collier County School Board believes that all students will utilize technology to engage in critical thinking, problem-solving and effective learning experiences. All students will be afforded the opportunity of access to technologies, which will promote risk-taking, enhancement of communication and in-depth understanding across all academic disciplines. This will ensure their ability to be productive, successful, life-long learners and responsible, discerning citizens in our diverse and changing democratic society.

    Administrators, teachers and support staff will view technology as a means to achieve the stated goals of the School Board of Collier County Mission Statement. They will utilize and model the appropriate use of technology as a learning tool, as a management instrument, and as a communication vehicle for themselves and their students. Administrators, teachers and support staff will use a variety of technologies as a vehicle to address the state mandated requirements, Educational Reform, the Collier County Public Schools Strategic Plan and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Technology's infrastructure will facilitate connectivity to enhance communication between and within the schools, the community, and the home.

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    Mr. Tom Petry
    Director of Technology

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