Welcome to Student & Staff Projections, Allocations & Reporting





    Mission Statement

    Accurate and timely student and staff projections which are allocated equitably and efficiently, maximize district resources, and are reported accurately in state and federal surveys.

    Areas of Responsibility

    • Annual and Long Range Student Projections (District, School, Program, Capital Outlay)
    • Staff Allocations (District, School, Program, Summer)
    • Federal Grant Rosters: Coordination, Review, Support, Authorization
    • Position Control: Allocations, Coding
    • Student, Staff and Adult DOE Reporting: Coordination and Support
    • Class Size Reduction: Compliance and Support
    • Audits (FTE, Internal): Coordination, Compliance and Support
    • School Capacity and Attendance Boundaries: Evaluation, Modification, Re-zone, Out-of-zone
    • Geographic Information System: Data Analysis and Mapping
    • Intergovernmental Planning (District, County, Cities): Coordination and Support
    • Developments of Regional Impact and Site Development Plans: Review
    • Capital Improvement and Facilities Work Plan: Assist w/Development and Support
    • Collaborative Planning & Spending/Budget Reduction: Coordination