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  • All students, Kindergarten through 12th grade, NEW to the District must be registered using the Online Centralized Registration system. Any student returning to the District after withdrawing must also register using the Online Centralized Registration system.

    Pre-K registrations require approval from the Pre-K department. If you have not filled out an application with the Pre-K department please click here for more information prior to submitting a Collier County Public School Centralized Registration application.

    Follow the steps below to register your student for the 2024-2025 School Year!


    documents for registration are listed on the links below and on the pre-registration application.

    You MUST have all of these documents in order to complete the registration process.
    (English) (Spanish and Creole)
    Follow the steps below to complete the Online Centralized Registration Application:

    (English)   (Spanish)   (Creole)
    Once you have reviewed the steps, click on the button below to access the Online Centralized Registration system.

     register.collierschools.com to access the Online Centralized Registration system and to view your application status. Click on the 'OPEN' button to enter the registration to review any messages left on the registration.



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    Q. What if I do not have a computer?

    A. Our online registration is mobile friendly. You do not have to use a pc and/or have a scanner available. You can complete the registration using a mobile or tablet by taking pictures of the documents when necessary.


    Q. What documents are needed for registration?

    A. To review a list of required documents please click on one of the following links ENGLISH SPANISH and CREOLE. In order to complete a registration you must submit all required documents.


    Q. Can I use the same Parent Portal account to register all my children?

    A. Yes, it is recommended to register all your children using one Parent Portal account.


    Q. I have a question about my Online Application?

    A. For questions or assistance with completing the Online Application, please visit collierschools.com/registration. You will be able to find the steps to complete a registration as well as additional documents to assist with completing a registration. If you have already started a registration, please use the message box in the application to communicate with staff. If further assistance is needed please contact the Office of Student Assignment at (239) 377-0540 or email registration@collierschools.com.


    Q. Can I use my old Parent Portal account to re-enroll my child(ren)?

    A. Yes, it is recommended to use your previously established Parent Portal account. If assistance is needed to obtain the account information please contact helpdesk@collierschools.com


    Q. How do I check the status of my registration?

    A. To check the status of your registration sign into the registration application and scroll down to your registration. There you will see the status for each registration submitted. By clicking the ‘OPEN’ button, it will open the registration and you can review or leave messages to communicate with staff.


    Q. How do I know when my registration is complete?

    A. Sign into the registration application and review your status. When the status states “Enrolled” you will see a pdf document next to it, which would contain all the registration information as well as next steps. There will also be a message in the message box along with a phone call and/or email stating the registration has been completed.


    Q. How do I know when an update has been made to my child’s registration?

    A. It is recommended to sign into the registration portal regularly by visiting register.collierschools.com. There you will see the status of your registration. To review messages that may have been sent to you through the message box click on the registration to review the messages. Additionally, please check your emails and voicemails for any messages that may have also been communicated outside of the application. NOTE: Emails from the district can also go to spam/junk folders so please ensure to check them as well.


    Q. How long does it take to process the registration?

    A. A registration should take a parent between 15 – 30 minutes to complete. After completion, a registration should typically be completed the same day, depending on time of submission and if all required documents are received. NOTE: Depending on the time of year and the amount of registrations, the wait time can drastically increase due to volume and missing items.


    Q. What is the message inbox and how do I access it?

    A. The message inbox is an area in the registration to communicate with staff about your registration. To access it sign into the registration by visiting register.collierschools.com and clicking on the registration to open it to send and view messages.


    Q. My student is returning to CCPS, physical and immunizations should be on file, do I have to submit a new physical and immunization? What do I do?

    A. Depending on the age/grade level, you may not have to submit a new physical and immunization. However, for further information please submit your question in the message box for a staff member to respond. You can also try to contact staff by calling (239) 377-0540 or email registration@collierschools.com


  • For general questions about registration,

    email registration@collierschools.com or call (239) 377-0547 



    MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

    (all Collier County Residents)
    Dr. MLK Administrative Center
    (239) 377-0547

    (Immokalee Residents)
    Immokalee Technical College (iTech)
    (239) 658-7047

    (Everglades City Residents)
    Everglades City School
    (239) 377-0539