• Uniform Policy 2023-2024

    Golden Terrace Elementary School has a school wide uniform policy for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. All returning students to GTE are required to wear the uniform to school everyday. Students new to GTE must be in uniform by the end of their second full week of school.


    The Uniform includes the following:

    Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red or Gold (yellow) polo-style shirt ( GTE Toucan Logo is optional). Any shirt worn under the uniform polo must be WHITE ONLY. The bottom of the undershirt must be tucked in. Short sleeve white shirts must not hang out of the bottom of the uniform shirt sleeve.

    Navy Blue or Khaki pants or knee-length shorts for boys; Navy Blue or khaki pants, capri pants or knee-length shorts for girls. No knit or denim material of any kind is permitted.

    NO jeans are permitted.



    There are no exceptions to the uniform policy.


    **Cold Weather Uniform Policy**

    Sweaters and Jackets must be a SINGLE SOLID COLOR. No stripes, patterns or logos may be on the students cold weather outerwear. Long sleeve shirts will be permitted during cold weather. They must be WHITE ONLY and tucked in underneath the uniform shirt.


    Please contact Mrs. Elena Stockman at Golden Terrace to discuss any concerns about the uniform policy. 


    If appropriateness of attire is questioned, the child will be referred to the office.  Disciplinary actions will be taken when violations are repeated.