About Us


    Mission Statement

    To educate students to the fullest extent of their ability while encouraging well-rounded character and instilling a vision for their future.


    Vision Statement
    All students will achieve their full academic potential, develop well - rounded character, and be valued and recognized as unique individuals. 



    All students can learn; learning is maximized when students are authentically engaged by the work they are given to do. All school staff hold high expectations of the students which in turn encourages the students to hold high expectations of themselves.


    1. Teachers hold high expectations for their students, differentiating instruction in order to meet the needs of a diverse population so that all students may achieve their full academic potential.
    2. Teachers hold high expectations for themselves, collaborating to explore new ideas and successful strategies for designing high quality, engaging work for students; monitoring progress through authentically assessing student performance; engaging in ongoing self-assessment, reflection, data collection and analysis; using the resources of time, people, space, information and technology in innovative ways to achieve maximum results for students.
    3. An emotionally and physically safe environment is essential to learning and to the development of a strong character that displays respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, kindness, self-discipline and perseverance.
    4. The school community (educators, students, parents, and partners in education) works collaboratively to ensure a high quality learning environment where all students are valued and recognized as unique individuals and are encouraged to develop as well-rounded, well-educated youth.