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    8800510 CULINARY ARTS 1

    This course covers the history of the food service industry and careers in that industry.  Also covered are state mandated guidelines for food service and how to attain food handler training certification; safety in the workplace; employability skills; leadership/teamwork skills; care and use of commercial culinary equipment; basic food science; basic nutrition; and following recipes in food preparation labs. 


    8800520 CULINARY ARTS 2

    In this course students will learn and perform front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house duties.  Students will prepare quality food products and present them creatively; demonstrate safe, sanitary work procedures; understand food science principles related to cooking and baking; and utilize nutrition concepts when planning meals/menus.   This course will meet graduation requirement for Performing Fine Arts graduation credit.


    8800530 CULINARY ARTS 3

    In this course the student will research career opportunities in professional cooking/baking; follow guidelines on food selection, purchasing, and storage; and use communication skills.  Students will prepare and present a variety of advanced food products; create centerpieces; and research laws specific to the hospitality industry (including handling of alcohol).  Also covered are management skills; how to develop a business plan; and utilization of technology in the workplace.  Students will be knowledgeable about food safety manager training/certification training programs that are acceptable in Florida.  This course will meet graduation requirement for Performing Fine Arts graduation credit.


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