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    This course includes instruction in activities such as the safe use of construction tools, machines, and equipment; basic carpentry; masonry; concrete; architectural plans; electrical wiring; plumbing; occupational information; consumer information; employability skills; leadership skills; and innovative materials and techniques. Students will participate in activities designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and basic skills related to designing, planning, and constructing a structure on a site.



    This course is designed to provide an intermediate in-depth program of study and hands-on activities related to the technology of designing, planning, and constructing a structure. The student will learn to draw a plan of a construction project, estimate costs, and learn how utilities are provided. The student will be expected to perform trowel trade activities; construction tasks relating to carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, wall, and floor finishing; and express knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems. Will meet graduation requirement for Performing Fine Arts graduation credit.



    This course provides students with advanced independent study related to the technology of construction utilizing higher level selected performance standards from the Construction Technology I and Construction Technology II courses of this program.  Each student will have an individual study plan cooperatively organized with the teacher. The student will have the opportunity to develop, or be employed in the development of, one or several projects, progressing from “vision” to “reality”.  The student would work individually or as part of a team.  This would involve using and applying all acquired knowledge to produce a finished “project”. Will meet graduation requirement for Performing Fine Arts graduation credit.


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