• Art Department

    Below is a list of a few courses currently offered at Palmetto Ridge High.


    Creative Photography

    Creative Photography is a comprehensive studio class where students learn the fundamentals and the history of photography, along with how to use Adobe Photoshop.  Students actively compose, edit and critique photographs that revolve around the elements and principles of art and photography.



    The ceramic courses at PRHS included the fundamentals and history of the three dimensional medium, and studio experience with the three hand building methods, and the potter’s wheel. Student use the elements and principles of art to create a variety of functional pieces and purely aesthetic sculptural pieces in this studio course.

     Selected Student Exemplary Work (Across all programs)
     Marcela L  Matias F
     Jael L  Amber L
     Morgan D  
     by Amanda Pablo Miguel  
     by Cassie Southwick  
    Ariel M Fountain  Destiny T dragon bank
    Samantha G Groot  Sierra S Bill