• The Translation Department helps minimize language barriers and build bridges of communication between CCPS, immigrant families and English Learners (EL) students. The Translation Department supports cross-cultural and multi-linguistic connection. We value diversity,  reinforce inclusion and encourage parents to involve in their children's education.

    This Department translates texts from English into other languages, mainly into Spanish and Haitian Creole, which are published in different print and digital formats, media, didactic materials, among others.

    The Translation Department has full-time interpreters for Spanish, Haitian Creole to support meetings with parents, both in person and virtually. Interpretation into other languages can be provided upon request. It provides simultaneous or consecutive translation services for conferences, presentations, and training activities for parents. We use devices for interpreting at large events and also dubs videos and audio for different platforms, including mass telephone outgoing messages.

    The Translation Department supports the transfer of academic credits from other countries to the American standard system, as well as the translation of documents submitted by students from all over the world who register at CCPS.

    Translation Requests:

    All requests should go through Julia Brown, Translation Manager at

    Phone: 239 3770093 Fax: 239 3770081 or brownju@collierschools,com
    Translation Department Team:
    Fernand Billon, ELL and World Languages Coordinator

    Julia Brown, Translation Manager

    Deslandes Voltaire, Creole Translator/Interpreter

    Angela Correa Espinoza, Spanish Translator/Interpreter
    How to Become an Official Translator: