• Kinder Where the adventure begins  






    In Kindergarten, quarter 1 was all about learning the rules and procedures of school. We practiced keeping our mask on, keeping our distance, and washing our hands thoroughly. We also read a ton of books. In math, we mastered our numbers to 5. In science it was all about our 5 sense. We saw, smelled, touched, tasted, and listening to different objects. One highlight of 1st quarter is Apple Week! Kindergarteners had the chance to taste different apples and apple products and pick their favorite. Another fun project we did was celebrate First Responders Week. We had a virtual classroom rotation and each teacher taught about a different first responder.


    During 2nd quarter, we will continue to read different stories. In math, we will learn about addition and subtraction, and our numbers to 10. In science, we are going to learn all about sound and how to make a model. In social studies, we are learning about the calendar and timelines, celebrating Veterans Day, finding primary sources, and using position words. We are planning a couple different projects. We are going to do a school-wide gingerbread scavenger hunt. We are also going to be talking about Holidays Around the World.