• Wild about 1st Grade


    Mrs. Frields, Wendy 
    Ms.  O'shea, Coleen

    Mrs. Aravena, Miriam
    Mrs. Meneley, Kathy
    Ms. River, Doris


     First Grade Teachers

    First Grade Hawks Update for Quarter 2


    This new quarter brings a new set of skills for our young readers and writers to focus on and develop. As always, we will continue to learn new sight words each day. In addition, our students will retell stories, including key detail, to show understanding of the story message.  Students will learn how to notice and explain differences between fiction and non-fiction texts.

    They will be able to describe connections between two individuals, events, ideas or information in a story. Another skill is to identify the reason an author gives to support points in a text. Lastly, students will use illustrations and details in a story to describe characters, setting, and major events in a story.


    Our young authors are writing opinion stories in our current unit of study.


    Mathematicians are working to understand how to solve “put together” (addition) and “take apart” (subtraction) problems and how to compare problems.


    Scientists are ready to observe and learn about the properties of Matter and use magnifying glasses as a tool.


     Our Social Studies units focus on American History and learning about Veterans Day and patriotism. There will also be lessons on Economics, teaching our first graders about how and why people save money.


    As always, our first graders enjoy busy and productive days of learning, sharing and growing!