• Second Grade Where the Adventure Begins We can’t believe Quarter 1 is already over!  We answered and questioned in reading, learned place value in math, all about matter and its changes for science, narrative and expository writing, and responsibilities we have as citizens for social studies.  This 2nd quarter will be just as exciting! 

    In math we will continue to learn about place value, but we will also begin to learn about money and how to tell time.

    For writing we will be learning how to write an opinion piece as well as practicing our expository writing a little more. 

    Social Studies will be all about maps and different regions the Native Americans lived in and the way they lived based on the region.

    In science we will explore push and pulls, energy, force and motion, and the human body.

    For reading we will begin comparing and contrasting stories, continue discussing the main topic of the text, and looking at various character points of view.

    We have a filled schedule and tons of learning to get done this quarter!  Thank you for your continued support!