Wild About Fourth Grade


    Mrs. Rodrigue, Melissa
    Ms. Parker, Chelsea
    Mrs. Hale, Brooke
    Mrs. Born, Melissa
    Ms. Labuzienski, Kristin

    Fourth Grade Teachers


    Quarter 1 has flown by and we are ready to tackle new skills in quarter 2.  In reading we will continue to read both informational and fictional texts while drawing evidence from the text to answer comprehension questions.  Students are continuing to learn the process of writing an essay using text evidence to support their writing.  In science, our focus is on life science as we study seasonal changes of plants and animals as well as food chains and food webs.  Social studies brings the study of explorers and colonization in Florida while in math we are continuing to work on multiplication and division strategies.  We will soon move on to work with fractions.  Please make sure that children are studying and memorizing their multiplication facts as this will help them tremendously.  We really enjoyed our Panther Posse field trip to FGCU and will be looking forward to another field trip later on this year.