IncubatorEdu courses are being taught in eight Collier County high schools in 2015-16.

    This program offers students an authentic entrepreneurship experience while creating

    and fully developing their own product or service. Real entrepreneurs and business experts

    serve as volunteer coaches and mentors, guiding student teams through the Lean Startup

    processes of developing hypotheses about a business concept, testing those hypotheses,          

    adapting, and continually learning and improving. This cycle of experimentation is combined  
    with foundational business concepts such as marketing and finance.


    Classes at Palmetto Ridge meet in Room 620 during Period 6 (12:22-1:11) and Period 7 (1:16-2:05).  


    Business professionals are invited to volunteer in the following two capacities:

    • Coach - co-teach a unit of instruction in one- to three-day increments (“day” = both periods 6 and 7)

    • Mentor - advise teams of four-five students on an ongoing basis throughout school year                    
      (scheduling can be very flexible based on volunteer’s availability)

    Units of instruction are listed on the two attachments. Feel free to print out, or if you would prefer,

    copies of these materials can be delivered to your planning room mail slot by request. Please forward

    e-mail with attachments to anyone who may be interested in volunteering.



    If you or anyone you know would like to work with the students of Palmetto Ridge, please contact:

    Dr. Tad Duffy 

    Instructor, Palmetto Ridge High School

    1655 Victory Lane, Naples, FL 34120

    Phone: (239) 377-2538   Fax: (239) 377-2400



    Courtney Stahlman

    Manager, HS Career Academies

    District School Board of Collier County   

    5775 Osceola Trail, Naples, FL 34109

    Phone: (239) 377-0109   Fax: (239) 377-5160