• Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) has a vested interest in the legislative process, as a high percentage of the District’s operating revenues come directly from state funds and the state-mandated Required Local Effort (RLE) millage levy.  To obtain the necessary funding, CCPS must compete annually with numerous other groups and agencies.  Therefore, District efforts focus on maximizing the total dollars made available to the Board, forwarding the School Board's annually adopted legislative platform in an effort to facilitate the effective and efficient operation of the schools, working to defeat legislative proposals which would adversely affect the school system, and providing timely, updated, accurate information to legislators who need or seek assistance in developing good sound public policies. 

    This page serves to provide information regarding the District’s legislative priorities, contact information for our local legislators and the State Board of Education, as well as other helpful information regarding current legislative issues pertinent to education.


      Annually, the District School Board of Collier County adopts a Florida legislative platform that serves to guide the efforts of Board Members, District staff, and the Legislative Liaison during the legislative session.