Welcome to the NNMS Media Center

  • NNMS Concierge Service has arrived. Students have 2 options in which to get a book (or both😊). Both options are explained in the video link. https://collierschools.instructuremedia.com/embed/7cf526e4-f8ad-41b3-a717-d566363856d6

    Any questions, please let me know.

    Mrs. Pirrone

    Option 1 – hard copy book

    1. Click on Destiny Login (book icon on desktop), or go to https://destiny.collierschools.com/
    2. Login with School Credentials (top right)
    3. On Destiny Discover, browse books.
    4. Once you find a book, click on HOLD.
    5. Books will be delivered to students through Language Arts when ready. You also have the option of stopping by media to pick up your bag of books for your classes as well.
    6. All books are checked out for 2 weeks. Books can be renewed if no other holds are waiting.


    Option 2 – Sora E-book Checkout

    1. Student goes onto Canvas.
    2. Clicks on Sora/Overdrive
    3. Login with school credentials
    4. Browse books
    5. Click on BORROW.
    6. E-book will immediately download to computer and start reading😊
    7. If book is not available, it will notify you when it is available.
    8. All books are checked out for 2 weeks.