•  Virtual Education Opportunities
  • Full-time:

    Collier Virtual School (CVS)

    Mission: Provide eligible K-12 students with full time, 180-day online instruction program. 

    Faculty and Staff: Alternative schools oversees enrollment into the program. Teachers are provided by the virtual program providers.

    Full-time programs, continue below.
  • Part-time:

    Collier Online Virtual Education (COVE), Florida Virtual School (FLVS) or K12 LLC

    Mission: Provide students an opportunity to take additional courses for initial credit at the secondary level or advanced studies at the elementary level.

    Faculty and Staff: COVE teachers are local, full time Collier County certified teachers.  FLVS and K12 LLC teachers are employed by their respective providers.

    COVE information and application, click here.
    FLVS  information, see your school counselor.
    K12 LLC, contact VIP school counselor.

    For additional online options, click here.
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     Collier Virtual School (CVS)
    Alternative Education Center 
    3710 Estey Ave., Naples, FL 34104
    Phone: (239) 37-1050 • Fax: 377-1051
    Lisa Garby  ( 239) 377-1056 

    Virtual Program Providers:

    • Edgenuity, Inc. (Grades 6-12)
    • K-12 Florida LLC (Grades K-12)
    • Florida Virtual School (FLVS) (Grades K-12)
    • Pasco eSchool (Grades K-5)

    Program Information:  Collier County Public Schools has established the Collier Virtual School to provide our students with a high quality virtual program.  The Collier Virtual School consists of a full-time virtual program for students in grades K through 12.  The following information is provided to allow families to make an informed decision about enrollment in the Collier Virtual School. To view the Collier County Public Schools Online Procedures, please click here.

    Eligibility: Anyone is eligible to enroll.

    Attendance:  The Collier Virtual School is a full-time program.  Therefore, students will receive all instruction through this program.  Students MUST work a minimum of 25 hours per week. The week runs from Sunday to Saturday.  The number of hours worked per day is up to the student and the Learning Coach. 

    Promotion:  The Collier Virtual School is a public school and therefore students will be held to promotion requirements of Collier County Public Schools and the State of Florida. 

    FSA Assessment/EOC:  Students enrolled in the Collier Virtual School are considered public school students and are therefore required to participate in all state mandated testing.  State tests will be administered in the home zone school for the student, which is based on the student’s place of residence. 

    Learning Coach:  Each family must have a learning coach, a responsible adult, who is available approximately 5 hours per day to monitor student’s computer access, engage in student follow-up activities, facilitate learning, provide support with homework assignments, manage the receipt and use of instructional materials and ensure student participation in FSA Assessment/EOC.

    Withdrawal:  Enrollment in the Collier Virtual School is expected to be a commitment for one school year. 

    Technology:  To be successful in the program, students must have daily, dedicated access to a computer, monitor, printer, headphones, and the Internet.  A family who does not have this technology in the home may be eligible to receive the technology and Internet stipend by completing the Collier Virtual School Technology Request Application

    Registration Materials:  The Collier Virtual School is a public school and therefore all enrollment requirements established by the Florida Department of Education and Collier County Public Schools must be met.  Families will be required to complete all registration materials and supply the necessary documentation to enroll a child in the Collier Virtual School. Click HERE to print the Collier Virtual School Agreement form. 


    Registration Window:  Registration for the Collier Virtual School will be limited to twice a year. Please complete the online Virtual School Interest Application.  Students new to the VIP program will register via centralized student registration at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Administration Center at 5775 Osceola Trail, Naples FL.Returning VIP students should contact Lisa Garby at garbyli@collierschools.com or at 239-377-1056 to schedule a meeting.