Educational Day Treatment


    Educational Day Treatment

    3706 Estey Avenue, Naples FL 34104

    Phone: (239) 377-1050

    Fax: (239) 377-1051


    Mission: Opened in October 2012 to enable secondary and over-aged students with significant emotional/behavioral disabilities to earn credits, recover credits, or make up credits in order to graduate from high school with a regular diploma. Intensive mental health services in conjunction with the student's educational program are provided in collaboration with the David Lawrence Center.


    Location: Behind Lorenzo Walker Technical High School in portables next to the Phoenix building, 3706 Estey Avenue, Naples, FL 34104


    Students: Maximum enrollment of nine secondary aged students, who have been unable to achieve academic success in the less restrictive high school IBI special class due to severe emotional/behavioral and mental health needs; must enter and exit the program through the IEP process.



    • Since the program began in 2012, 15 students with significant emotional/behavioral disabilities have graduated who very likely would have dropped out or been institutionalized had it not been for this educational day treatment program


    • 84% of the students served  in the EDT program within the past 3 years, and whose whereabouts are known, are still in school or have graduated.


    • The 11 students in the EDT program earned 59 full credits during this past school year, which is an increase from 26 credits erned by the 12 students served in the previous school year.



    Mr. Michael Carrozzo
    ESE Teacher


    Mr. Ryan Stoumbaugh
    Behavior Management Specialist

    Ms. Meghan Bellamy
    School Intervention Therapist
    Ms. Karen Rose
    ESE Assistant

    Mr. Stavros Giarimoustos
    ESE Assistant