Collier Juvenile Detention Center

  •  Collier Juvenile Detention Center 

    Collier County Jail
    3351 East Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL 34112 
    Phone: (239) 417-6277 ext. 112 
    Fax: (239) 417-6289 

    Mission: Opened in September 2001 to provide instruction for detained school-aged students in basic subject areas and social/study skills in order to maintain their academics while incarcerated (generally maximum 21 days). The STAR (Standardized Testing for the Assessment of Reading/Math) is administered to all students during their first 10 school days in Detention to determine reading and math levels. Students in the program more than 21 days are considered Long Term and are given the STAR assessment again when they exit the program to measure gains. A "gain" is defined as making at least 1/2 year of academic growth on the STAR assessment.


    Students: Enrollment varies daily from 20-50 boys and girls, year round. Students are placed by the courts for an offense(s) that may have occurred in the community or at school.