Teenagers as Parents Program-Naples

  •  TAPP Naples

    Golden Gate High School
    2925 Titan Way, Building 5, Naples, FL 34116
    Phone: (239) 377-1642 or (239) 377-1642 
    Fax: (239) 377-1601


    The Teenage Parent Program provides a customized education for pregnant and/or parenting teeangers. This program is designed to aid pregnant teenagers or teenage parents in earning a high school diploma. The academic status of each student is evaluated upon entry and used to develop an individualized plan. Students may complete coursework leading to a high school diploma while enrolled in the program. They are allowed to re-enter the regular school program at any time. 

    Childcare and transportation are provided for pregnant teenagers and teenage parents. Classes are provided to increase the student's level of knowledge in health care, parenting skills, and child growth/development. 




    Our mission is to give pregnant and parenting teenagers the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives by providing an environment with an individualized education and support services to build/strengthen their parenting skills. 



    Enrollment averages thirty grade 7-12 students and approximately 25 babies/toddlers in child care.


    Contract for Child Care 

    Fun Time Early Childhood Academy

    All students enrolled in a TAP Program are required by statute to take a Parenting Course. Students are pre-tested upon enrollment and post-tested upon completion. This year, all 12 of the students enrolled in the course at Naples TAPP demonstrated improvement in parenting skills upon completion. 



    • 78% of girls who were served by TAPP Naples within the past 3 years are still in school or graduated.
    • All 9 girls who graduated this school year earned a standard high school diploma.