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    Technology is a major part of our lives. We depend on it everyday, it continues to evolve, and it challenges us to keep up. My goals are for your child to demonstrate digital literacy, learn real world skills that contribute to lifelong achievement, and appreciate the many kinds/uses of technology. Your child will participate in:
    ** Digital Citizenship **
     Big Cypress Elementary is a Common Sense Media certified school!
           Common Sense Certification     
    Today's children are growing up in a world that is more connected than ever before. They have access to computers and devices at a much younger age than previous generations. This brings hidden online dangers that many children and teens are not aware of. The Common Sense Media curriculum includes lessons and activities to teach all K-5 students about the many benefits of the internet as well as how to recognize and work through problems they could encounter while exploring online. Students gain skills to protect their digital footprints and live, work and play successfully in a digital society. For details go to www.commonsensemedia.org.
    ** Microsoft Office **
    MS Office  
    Using productivity software effectively is vital for success in school and many workplaces. Your child will have daily access to the desktop versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, as well as Office 365. They are guided through the creation of projects that develop proficiency, challenge their minds and support grade level curriculum.  Microsoft Office skills can then be taken to middle school, where students have the opportunity to obtain specialist certifications by passing the respective exams.
    ** Tech Lab Curriculum Resources **
    All K-5 students regularly use Canvas as the "one-stop shop" for all activities related to Tech Lab. They also use Nearpod, Kahoot and Quizizz as part of lessons and corresponding projects. These web-based platforms engage students and allow them to show what they know while promoting healthy competition. 
      Canvas               Nearpod               Kahoot             Quizizz           
    ** Keyboarding **
    Students in grades 1-5 use Typing Club to complete practice lessons that help improve eye-hand coordination, accuracy and words per minute (WPM). To read more about Typing Club, click the icon below.
     Typing Club
    ** Coding **
    Every year, to coincide with the worldwide Hour of Code initiative, students are introduced to computer coding.  First they learn about what coding is, where it is used in their daily lives, and how it is created. Then, with the assistance of our STEAM teacher, they are provided hands-on opportunities to see code in action by programming Ozobots, Dash and Lego Mindstorms.
     ** Computer/Technology History **
    Children are surrounded by technology from the day they are born. Incorporating a history perspective into my lessons offers students the opportunity to understand it wasn't always this way. Students think about and appreciate how past generations lived and worked without computers and "gadgets" and explore how different forms of technology evolved over time.
                                                                                FROM THIS                                                  TO THIS
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