Celebrate Literacy Week 2023-2024

Celebrate Literacy Week 2022 - 2023

Celebrate Literacy Week 2021-2022

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  • There is increasing evidence that parental beliefs and attitudes about reading and the opportunities parents provide their children in reading can greatly influence children's reading development. Parents provide practice in the foundational skills that young children need when they begin formal reading instruction in school. Parents can promote their children's literacy learning in many ways. They can involve them in different play activities that increase their child's awareness of language and print. Talking and singing to children during early infancy encourages them to try to imitate the sounds that they hear. Talking with adults is a child's best opportunity for learning new words and ideas. How parents read aloud to their children can significantly affect children's learning experiences and opportunities. When parents combine reading out loud with asking and responding to questions, children increase learning and comprehension. When parents are shown how to become more responsive when reading and "dialogic" (dialoging back and forth about the content) during shared reading, gains in their children's skills have been noted.

    MISSION: The Family Literacy mission is to provide parents with the foundations for building their child’s literacy skills.

    VISION: To support parents through school-based literacy events and activities.