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  • Beyond Earth: A Chronicle of Deep Space Exploration

    Excerpt from the Ebook:

    "In the modern era of exploration, which itself will look outdated in a generation, we have discovered the extraordinary rings and moons of Saturn with NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and the Huygens lander built by the European Space Agency. We marvel at images of the swirling storms on Jupiter sent back to Earth by our Juno mission. And we constantly find new science from the Curiosity rover that’s been trekking across the surface of Mars for more than five years. Our robotic emissaries have made tremendous journeys over the past six decades. They carry the vision and inspiration of humankind beyond our and data from the edge of the universe. The next 60 should be exponentially rewarding."

    – Dr. Thomas H. Zurbuchen NASA Associate Administrator at Science Mission Directorate

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