Gulf Coast High School 2018 Laureate Presentation Schedule
    Thursday, February 22  
        Candidate Topic
       Period 3
    Kierstin Roan Scrutinizing Stranger Things: An Analysis of Governmental Research in Parapsychology
       Period 4
    Liyah Courageux Losing Cells Behind Cells: The Psychology Behind Solitary Confinement
       Period 5
    Sophia Kvachneva Let's Get High: Benefits of Decriminalizing Illegal Recreational Drugs in the U.S.
       Period 6
    Emma Papasidero Ancient Egyptian Pyramids: Are We the Aliens Who Built Them?
       Period 7
    Madisyn Tedrow WWIII/TheRiseofCyberWeapons
    Friday, February 23  
        Candidate Topic
       Period 6   Daniel Costantino Nuclear Fusion: Science Future or Science Fiction?
       Period 7   Elaine Kim The Microbiome: A Tiny Cure to Big Problems
    Monday, February 26  
        Candidate Topic
       Period 3   Ryan Austin Is Your Phone Killing You?: The Health Effects of Cell Phones
       Period 4   Azelle Dietter Cutting our Censorship
       Period 5   Audrey Harris Right to Die: Medical Decisions in Religious Communities
       Period 6   Allie Harris Are We All Going To Die?: The Sixth Mass Extinction
       Period 7
    Brianna Pawlyshyn 3D or Not 3D: The Ethics of Three-Dimensional Bioprinting
    Tuesday, February 27  
        Candidate Topic
       Period 3   Sarah Fairbrother How to Save the World for Dummies: Protecting the World and Humanity (or Not)
       Period 4   Connor Bligh Rocket Man and the Dotard: Comparing and Contrasting Autocracies and Democracies
       Period 5   Samuel Sommerfeld Nurenberg Trials: The People Spoke and the World Listened
       Period 6   Patricia Acevedo 808s & Study Breaks: Should Hip-Hop Centered Pedagogy Be Systemically Implemented in Marginalized Schools?
       Period 7   Alicia Argabright The Whites Are At It Again!: The Ethical Dilemma of the Implementation of Universal Laws
    Wednesday, February 28  
        Candidate Topic
       Period 2
    Catalina Dukeshire Let's Talk About Sex: How the Development of a New Sex Education Can Help Relieve Sexually Orientated Societal Issues
       Period 3   Shayne Treuber The Lean, Mean, Working Machine: Artificial Intelligence in the Labor Force
       Period 4   Jenna Gopman The X-Generation: The Future of Human Enhancement with Respect to the Media's Portrayal
       Period 5   Daniela Kyle Changing Minds or Changing Channels?: The Rapid Dissemination of Information and its Effects on Political Polarization
       Period 6   Jacob Brownell Capitalism: Repurposing Greed
       Period 7   Amanda Hunter Periled Apparel: How the Fast Fashion Industry Threatens Global Sustainability
    Thursday, March 1  
        Candidate Topic
       Period 2
    Alyssa Zinn Don't Hate, We All Discriminate: Implicit Bias and its Effect on Behavior
       Period 3   Dylan Clark Yay or Neigh?: The Future of American Horse Racing
       Period 4   Emma Bradtmiller The JAWS of Life: Saving Sharks from Extinction
       Period 5   Alysia Turke Love at First Plight: Disney's Portrayal of Romantic Relationships
       Period 6   Maggley Vielot Opportunity for Some: Affirmative Action in the 21st Century
       Period 7   Emily Sage Addicted to Money: Big Pharma's Role in the Opioid Crisis
    Friday, March 2  
        Candidate Topic
       Period 2
    Christian Holland The World in His Hands: God's or Darwin's? The Evolution Vs. Creation Debate
       Period 3   Paula Gomes Citius, Altius, Fortius: Is There a Plausible Explanation for Record Breaking Trends in the Olympic Games?
       Period 4   Kailey Goede Man's Best Friend: Are we Poisoning our Pets?
       Period 5   Spencer Gauta Is the Health Care Industry Healthy?: Corruption in the Health Care Industry
       Period 6   William Hoopes Eyewitness Reliability: Do You Remember?
       Period 7   Marcos Damian-Noyola Genetic Engineering: Revolutionizing the Human Race