Mission and Vision @ NNMS

  • Our Mission and Vision @ NNMS

    Mission:  To provide a healthy, safe, and academically rigorous learning environment in order to create responsible citizens and leaders who will make a positive impact on our community now and in the future. 


    Vision:  North Naples Middle School strives to be a full learning community that involves teachers, staff, parents, and students to creating a uniquely powerful learning environment.

    "My favorite part of North Naples Middle School is the opportunity to get involved- kids can join a club like scholar bowl or academic world quest, a team like soccer or basketball, and/or a group: after school walking, book club, NJHS, student council, or kickball.  If it is interesting or fun, NNMS has it.  There is something for everyone!"
    -Mrs. Bertuna 
    "NNMS is such a great place to teach because we have parents who send their terrific kids to us ready to learn and with a positive attitude!  Then, our parents continue all year to encourage their children strive and support teachers in as many ways as possible.  I am so thankful to have been at NNMS since the day it opened!"
    -Mrs. Seiff

    "NNMS is a great school because of its awesome faculty, students, and administration! It’s the best gig in all of Naples!"

    -Mrs. Thames 
    "NNMS is the best middle school in Naples!  We have a dedicated staff and the students are always amazing.  Go Wildcats!" #CCPSPROUD
    -Mr. Turner