CPM Mission Belief Vision


    Cypress Palm Middle School is committed to providing a safe academic environment for all students to achieve their potential.



    Cypress Palm Middle School’s vision is to develop our students’ potential to make a global difference.



    The Cypress Palm Middle School community will work to establish and maintain an image that is:

    Student centered learning environment;

    Authentic instruction, learning and assessment;

    Building relationships across a diverse community;

    Rigorous and relevant curriculum, focusing on careers, literacy & numeracy skills;

    Effective professional collaboration;

    Committed to reaching high expectations;

    Actively engaged learners striving for academic success;

    Technology enhanced learning;

    Safe and secure learning environment.


    Sabrecat Creed

    As a SABRECAT, every day I will show my PRIDE by:

    P reparing myself for learning

    R especting other people and their property 

    I ndividualizing my successes

    D edicating myself to learning, knowing that

    E ffort plus Attitude equals success

    And believing that every day is a great day to be a SABRECAT!