Student Absences: Please be sure to notify our school office at 377-5205 by 10 a.m. if your student will be absent.

    Interested in volunteering? Follow the directions on the district’s website for completing the online application.  After you have completed the online application please do as follows:

    Call Mrs. Snider (CPM’s volunteer contact and counselor) at 377-5216.  She will determine if your application is showing up in her data base.  Once Mrs. Snider confirms you are in her data base you will need to come to CPM and get fast passed along with picking up the volunteer packet and meeting with Mrs. Snider (orientation).  You will need to be fast passed a second time in order to receive your volunteer badge.  (All volunteers must wear their badges when they are volunteering for CPM.)  If it is determine that you will be a Level 2 volunteer Mrs. Snider will provide you with additional instructions.  CPM values the time and effort on your part to become a volunteer.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Snider if you have questions about volunteering at CPM.


    Access information on our district site by clicking here. https://www.collierschools.com/community/volunteer.asp

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    Our school colors are Green with accents of Gold/Blue.

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