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    WELCOME TO SABRECAT SPORTS!!!!  The students of Cypress Palm Middle will have the opportunity to participate in several different seasons of intramural activities and to possibly take part in interscholastic competitions with north division middle schools.

    The sports seasons are as follows:

    Fall Sports:  TBD

    Winter Sports:  Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country

    Spring Sports:  Track, Volleyball


    Athletic Program Details 
    Fees Assessed—There is a $75 fee for students to participate in our after school program which is charged each session/sports season. Buses will be provided for those students who need assistance with transportation. 
    • Season Lengths—Each season is approximately 8-9 weeks long, 3-4 weeks for intramural play and approximately 5 weeks for interscholastic competitions. If, after the intramural portion, a student is not selected for the interscholastic team, he/she has the option of REMAINING in intramural sports (practicing skills/playing games) or joining other available clubs.

    • Practices—Practices will be held two days per week, so this means that on the opposite two days, other After School Program clubs may be joined! 

    Intramural Sports—During the intramural portion of the program, EVERY student who desires to play the sport offered is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to join.  This segment of the program allows for each student to gain the opportunity to develop and refine skills, focus on personal growth and learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. Whereas ALL students are encouraged to participate in the intramural portion of our program, no student is guaranteed a position on the final team. 

    Interscholastic Competitions—Following the intramural portion of the program, a final team will be selected to represent CPM during competitions against other middle schools in the north division. Most competitions are held at CPM with the exception of Cross Country and Track. This final school team is limited in numbers and could potentially consist of all grade levels, thereby making the selection process very difficult. Moreover, there can be no guarantee of actual playing time if chosen for the interscholastic portion of the program. The most important goal of this program is to have FUN and to gain experience in playing sports and being part of a team!

    PLEASE NOTE: To be involved in the interscholastic segment of the sports program, students must have participated in the intramural program, provide a current physical exam (valid for one year), provide proof of health insurance, a concussion/heat information form and a completed release of liability. SEE LINKS BELOW.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Luigino Bevacqua at BevacqLu@collierschools.com or 377-2171.  Have fun, and GO SABRECATS!

    Athletic Program Paperwork         $20 Sports Physicals   

    To purchase Student Accident Insurance, go to -  
    http://www.schoolinsuranceagency.com/ Follow the enrollment procedures and print an ID card.  Minimum acceptable coverage for accidents at school during the sports season would be Option A-- "At School Only"-- which costs $12.00

    Collier County Coaches complete Coaches Certification Training.