• Student Services


    Welcome to the Gulf Coast High School Student Services Office!  
    Student Services MAIN Number # 239-377-1415
                                              Student Services FAX Number # 239-377-1596                                           


    Assignment Counselors 9th-12th Email
    A - CAP Mrs. Lyndsey Dombroski dombri@collierschools.com
    CAR - CL Mrs. Melissa Boorom bennem2@collierschools.com
    CO - D Mrs. Cindy Giles gilescy@collierschools.com
    E - HI Ms. Heather Minsker minskehe@collierschools.com
    HL - LAW Mrs. Melissa Boorom bennem2@collierschools.com
    LAYN - MY Mrs. Erica Szilagyi szilager@collierschools.com
    N - ROBL Mrs. Nicole Gallegos gallegni@collierschools.com
    ROC - SPR Mrs. Jessica Allen allenj7@collierschools.com
    ST - Z Ms. Deb Garber garbed@collierschools.com


    Guidance Staff    
    Britney La Bruyere ESE Secretary 377-1461
    Anabel Lopez Guidance Secretary 377-1416
    Greg Maniscalco ESE Specialist 377-1411
    Sergio Palma Psychologist 377-8762
    Maria Moss Data Entry 377-1405



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