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     To parents & athletes seeking the Winged Foot Scholarship for 2023:

     Each year the Winged Foot Scholarship Foundation reviews nominees made by all local high schools and selects a winner at the annual banquet.   Each school’s nominee will receive a $5,000 award with the winner receiving an additional award of $2,500 per year for four years while attending college.  Unfortunately, this year's banquet has been cancelled due to COVID, but the committee is still honoring the scholarship to each school.

     Below, you will find information concerning the award criteria and downloadable versions of the application.  The qualifications are quite specific so please be sure you qualify before applying.  All applications will be due to Coach Scott, our Activities Coordinator before - TO BE DETERMINED

    The application asks for two letters of recommendation and a transcript.

      Please allow sufficient time to acquire the required documents.

     Good luck and best wishes!

      Click on the link below for the Winged Foot application and criteria:

    Winged Foot Application 2022

    Winged Foot Criteria 2022

    Reese Tremitiere will represent GCHS as our Winged Foot Nominee for 2022.  Reese was selected out of an elite group of student-athletes by our selection committee.  Reese is a four-year member of the GCHS varsity volleyball team and four-year varsity member of the GCHS girls basketball team!  Reese will be attending New York University to study law and play for the women's basketball team.

    Reese T  

    Congratulations, Reese!

     Winged Foot Winners

    Gulf Coast High

            Winged Foot Winner 2004      Winged Foot Winner 2018      Trace Davidson      

                                                                                             Lee Campbell               Paula Gomes                Trace Davidson              

                                                                                                  2008                           2018                              2021                           

    GCHS Winged Foot Nominees:

    2000 - Emily M. Van Leeuwen

    2001 - Andrew Pacer

    2002 - Kristin Downey

    2003 - Sean Griffin

    2004 - Katie Jenner

    2005 - Ashlyn Bruce

    2006 - Lee Campbell (Winner)

    2007 - Jennifer Maybin

    2008 - Stephanie McNamara

    2009 - Molly Lawson

    2010 - Karina Mambuca

    2011 - Kristien Ma

    2012 - Matthew Colligan

    2013 - Kali Heller-Spencer

    2014 - Caroline Barlow

    2015 - William Shisler, Jr.

    2016 - Lukas Masterson

    2017 - Vasy Montague

    2018 - Paula Gomes (Winner)

    2019 - Tobey McDonough

    2020 - Justin Mattia

    2021 - Trace Davidson (Winner)

    2022 - Reese Tremitiere