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    At Gulf Coast High School, our athletic banner sponsors represent a cornerstone of our commitment to the student-athlete's continued success. Without the financial support you so generously provide, many of our students' most memorable experiences would not be possible.  Your business' support is invaluable when it comes to providing the opportunities and equipment that play a vital role in the success of our students.

    We feel that direct crowd exposure lends itself towards building a positive community image.  Moreover, we will do our best to promote our sponsors at every opportunity throughout the year.  Gulf Coast High School provides a great deal of exposure to many people in our community.

    Outside Banner Pricing and Specifications

    $500.00 for a 4ft. x 6ft. weather-resistant banner displayed on the outside fencing at Gulf Coast High School

    and displayed on a video board in gymnasium

    Outside Banner Information

    Inside Banner Pricing and Specifications

    $500.00 for a 4ft. x 6ft. black & white cloth banner displayed inside the gymnasium at Gulf Coast High School

    Insider Banner Information

    Please email your business logo for the banner to your head coach/club sponsor and ScottA1@collierschools.com

    Again, this is a great low-cost way to showcase your business to our community. 

    We are hoping that you will show your commitment to our students and continue being a devoted friend to our school.

    Thank you,

    Alan Scott

    GCH Activities Coordinator

    Please make check payable to:

    Gulf Coast High School

    Please send correspondence to:

    Gulf Coast High School Activities Office 7878 Shark Way, Naples, FL 34119